Hi and welcome back to term two.

I hope you have a wonderful term in term two and also hope that you had a good holiday with your familys. My holidays were great. I loved spending time with my family and friends and that I hope I can make it back to being with school reality. I want to come back and try my best so I can learn more. I have already been told so much about what our schools doing in term two, and it sounds really exciting.



5 thoughts on “Term Two welcome back

  1. Hi Sam,
    Your blog looks fantastic and amazing
    I am also excited for term 2.
    Could you also comment on my blog
    From Jason

  2. Dear Sam,
    Great post, your blog is going really well.
    I cant wait till camp next term. What are you exited about this year?
    From Isabella

  3. Sam we really do have a lot on this term, one exciting thing is the preparation for Camp which will be held the first three days of Term 3. Can’t wait! I love your writing, it really shows great thinking and emotion. Well done.

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