On the 13th of July we went to Mt. Evelyn recreation camp  for two nights and three days. we had lots of fun on the activities the had for us, like the giant swing, leap of faith, low ropes, bush cooking, circus skills and the flying fox.

It was great fun. The giant swing was 18 meters high I went up to the maximum height, on the leap of faith you have to climb up a pole that’s 8 meters and leap two meters to touch a orange ball, I touched it along with another 4 people from my group. every other activity was great to.

5 thoughts on “Camp 2015

  1. Hi Sam,
    The camp to Mount Evelyn was really fun and exciting.
    The giant swing for me was probably the best activity there! but leap of faith was still really fun to.
    I think the food was really nice there.
    You should come visit my blog sometime at:
    From Sarah

  2. Camp was brilliant Sam. What did you think of the food? I like your blog – you have used some interesting colours and design ideas. Well done.

  3. Hi Sam,
    Camp was really fun. Which did you like better, the Giant Swing or the Leap of Faith?
    From Francesco

  4. Hi Sam,
    you’re blog is Awesome. I think camp was fun and sometimes challenging.
    Keep posting.
    From Talia

  5. Hey Sam,
    What was your favourite activity at camp? Mine was the Giant Swing. I like your background and the way you have set your blog. I also touched the ball of the Leap of Faith. Keep up the great work and please visit my blog at: http://isabellamss.global2.vic.edu.au/
    From Isabella

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