Beauty and the Beast Performed by Emmaus College On the 22nd of July the 5/6s went to see the Emmaus performance of Beauty and the Beast. This was their first performance for the year and the first I have been too. I really got engaged with this certain performance for the following reasons. Firstly all the characters were on time with their script and there wasn’t one word that they got wrong, secondly I think all their props were great like the home town house and the beer shack but my favourite props were all in the castle scenes like the castle entrance and the bed for Belle. The characters in this story were really funny, romantic and engaging. Their voices were great and I think I would like to go to their performance next year. My first favourite character was the candle stick because he was very funny and had a good voice, my second favourite character was the beast because he added the deep, dark souls into the story and he had a nasty, mean voice, my third favourite character is Belle because she is the main actress and puts all her voice into it when she is singing. The costumes were my favourite part of the performance, all the costumes looked fantastic. I would say that they put a lot of effort into this performance. For the 9 months they worked on learning all their lines and acting it all out it was worth it. I really liked the whole play. I would recommend this performance for anyone who likes romantic comedy and who enjoys acting themselves.

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