On the 7th of October we had our school concert. You should have been there it was AMAZING! But if you were there I think you would have said the same as me. I had four dance’s to perform and one acting part. I was also part of the prop team and it was a lot of fun. My first dance was an African dance, this dance was really fun because in the middle of it we got to walk off stage into the crowd. My second dance was Waka Waka (also a African dance) this one was right after my first dance which made it hard to change very fast, this dance was my first class dance. My third dance was a cultural dance like my first dance was not the whole class it was people anyone who wanted to do it, this was the dance where Connor, Dan and I do our Spanish dance, I think by the sound of thane crowd they loved us. My fourth dance was La La La it was my last and final dance, we used soccer balls and flags to dance it was my favorite Dance.

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